Planning Your Dream Honeymoon Anywhere In The World

Planning your dream honeymoon anywhere in the world by glam couture


The honeymoon has to be one of the best traditions of a wedding.  After all the effort that goes into planning your wedding you will need a much deserved getaway.  Planning a honeymoon will be a more pleasurable activity that will complete the wedding planning.  It’s about finding that perfect romantic place just the two of you to celebrate the beginning of your new life together.  Most of you will be thinking about something romantic, secluded, unique and exotic.

What’s your ideal honeymoon?

There are so many amazing choices out there.  Not every couple find the same activities romantic.  But whether you prefer complete solitude relaxing on the beach, the tranquillity of the countryside, an adventurous experience or just enjoying the best food the world has to offer, make it a truly memorable time for you both.

For some helpful advice I would like to introduce you to my favourite travel planner.  She planned my honeymoon 10 years ago.  Trust me she is great.  It’s incredibly helpful working closely with someone who knows what they are talking about.  She is experienced in planning dream holidays with very competitive prices.  Belinda owns her own business ‘Travel by Bel’, a boutique licensed travel agent in Sydney’s east.  She has planned hundreds of amazing luxury holidays to the most beautiful and romantic destinations around the globe.  Her attention to detail has earned her many happy clients who continue to work with her after their ‘Big Day’.  Belinda absolutely understands what engaged couples are seeking for a honeymoon!

Introducing Belinda Farrelly.

I have 18 years of experience in leisure and corporate travel and have a particular interest in honeymoons, family holidays and retiree bucket list travel!

I highly recommend planning your honeymoon 8-12 months prior to your wedding if possible.  This will work out most cost effective as you can take full advantage of any great ‘early bird’ specials on offer.  However, don’t be discouraged even if you’re travelling in peak season, having a short engagement before your wedding or just a little disorganised, I can still find something fantastic.  My advice is to be as organised as possible.  Pre-book as much as you can before you go etc. You want to be able to relax once you arrive there.

No. 1 best tip – Get yourself a travel planner.  The more organised your honeymoon the more you will enjoy your travel.

You don’t want to be stressing at the last minute or when you are away.  A good planner will make sure your itinerary is spot on making the pre-planning and travelling effortless.

Make sure you get a travel money card loaded to your netbanking, make easy transfers, pay for dinners, shows, seating on aircraft etc.

Top Honeymoon Suggestions:

Honeymooners are wanting to spend quality time with each other.  Locations that stand out to me are:
Europe – Drinking champagne while cruising along a river in Europe starting in the ‘city of love’, Paris and ending on a Greek island.
Aitutaki in the cook islands – An overwater bungalow diving into crystal clear water.  Recognised for its romantic aura and it is highly sought after by honeymooners and couples seeking the most memorable wedding possible.  A betrothal against a brilliant sunset on a desert island can turn a dream into a reality on this magical island paradise.
Mauritius – Stunning beaches, diverse culture, picturesque mountains and rich cuisine.
Maldives – Renown for its beauty, relaxation, and extraordinary snorkelling and diving.  It’s a world-class vacation destination and top honeymoon location.
South America – From Ilha Grande, Brazil, a Paradise island where cars are not allowed.  Offering only the nature of Atlantic Rainforest and cute mini resorts where you can relax listening to the waves washing the shore.  Through to Torres del Paine, Chile with breathtaking landscapes of high snow-capped mountains, empty fields of Patagonia and cosy eco-friendly wooden hotels where you can spend hours sitting by the fireplace.
Mexico – Home to some of the best beaches in the Caribbean with bustling beach towns like Cancun and Acapulco offering everything from luxury accommodation to extravagant night clubs.
These destinations are just to name a few.

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Favourite Australian Honeymoon Locations:

The Whitsundays – Whitsunday Islands are a dream destination for the newlyweds with warm, sunny weather year-round and beautiful beaches.  There are 73 islands to choose from and the most popular ones for the honeymooners are Hamilton and Hayman.
Margaret River – It’s an enticing mosaic of pristine natural wonders, premium wineries, relaxed microbreweries, world-class restaurants, spectacular beaches, towering forests, inspirational artisans, warm and friendly locals and a laid-back persona all of its own.

I use several different honeymoon wholesalers that specialise in exclusive honeymoon destinations creating a perfect trip that meets all expectations.  I know everyone has a budget and I can arrange the most affordable to the most luxurious honeymoon for you.

Why choose travel by Bel?
I love what I do and my heart is in my job.  I work for myself and my clients receive personal service.  I am available when my clients need me.  Also, if you see something online I will work to get a deal just as good, if not better.  I would love to put some gorgeous honeymoon options together for you to create an experience that you will never forget.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0419970833 or [email protected].


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