How to choose the perfect Bridesmaid Headbands

How to choose the perfect Bridesmaid Headbands

Your special day fast approaching, every fashion detail counts. Jewellery and hair accessories are a fun thing to think about through the duration of the wedding planning. You may have put together a Pinterest board or collated a bunch of photos or perhaps it is something that has been completely overlooked. One thing is for sure when it comes to the final decision making it is often one of the tougher decisions to make.

Things to consider when deciding on hair accessories for your fabulous ‘Bride Tribe’:

  • What dress design are they wearing?
  • What hair colour and hair length do your girls have?
  • Do you have a theme that you’re trying to incorporate?
  • Are you wanting all the girls to accessories the same and how are they wearing their hair?

A decision on a signature look for those you’ve chosen to join you in your walk down the aisle may be complicated. What dresses will they wear? Will they be comfortable? Will they like how they look? While finding coordinating dresses comes with its own set of challenges then, what about their hair? Every woman has varying locks and different tastes when it comes to hairstyles. At the end of the day, you want your bridesmaids to be comfortable and confident. Then they can do their job attending to you and making the day enjoyable for all.

A great option for any women with any hair type or length is a bridesmaid headband. It is incredibly versatile and can be used to accentuate virtually any hairstyle. Choose from crystals, pearls, hand painted leaves, flowers, and many more eye-catching options to keep your bridesmaids feeling beautiful and confident.

A creative alternative, the bridal headband

Bridesmaids headbands are a creative alternative to a comb or hair pin with endless styles to choose from. So, whether you’re after a vintage look and feel – or just a little art deco, here are some of our favourite bridal headbands.

Some brides like to choose the bridesmaids hair accessories to coordinate with their own but this all comes down to personal choice not necessity.

To create uniqueness to your wedding ceremony you may consider allowing each bridesmaid to choose her own headband. This can be based on a desired colour or style that will flow with the rest of the wedding wardrobe. But, if you prefer the continuity of all your bridesmaids with the same matching headbands, why not allow individual hairstyles. Imagine how beautiful it would look with 4 different hair styles and a stunning matching bridesmaid headband tying them all together, simply WOW!!!

Just between you & me …

I will let you in on a little secret. You can also explore the world of tiaras, hair vines and headpieces to expand your options. Some smaller tiaras, depending on how they sit, can certainly be positioned differently to give the same effect as a bridal headband. Most hair vines depending on length can double as a bridal headband. Most hair vines have either clips on the ends or loops which can have ribbon looped through the ends and act as a tie under the hair. Likewise, some headpieces can be large enough to wrap around the head and pinned or clipped into the hair to give the illusion of a headband.

Different bridal headband styles & how to wear them

With so many types of headbands available likewise there are many different ways to wear them. Wear it the classic way behind your ears and up on your head for an elegant simple look. You can consider wearing your headband closer to your forehead or even across your forehead. Depending on the style of the bridal headband, the theme of the wedding or the style of the hair will also dictate your decision.

Side headbands are incredibly versatile worn easily with any hairstyle, long or short. A good rule of thumb is to place the bridal headband on the side of the head opposite any dress detailing, such as one shoulder dresses, to harmonise the look.

Let’s have some fun and look at some different types of bridal headbands, hair types and themes to inspire your bridesmaids look:

All-Out Hairstyles with Bridesmaid Headbands

Having all-out hairstyles for your bridesmaids with a stunning headband for the finishing touch is a great choice. Whether your girls have long locks or a short pixie style, this option is perfect. Let your bridesmaids’ hair down and flaunt the gorgeousness of their natural beauty.

Your girls could have voluminous loose curls with a gorgeous floral headband or statement crystal headband. A contrast alternative could be controlled straight hair with a stunning art deco headband.

Our Gorgeous ‘Aphrodite’ headband is a beautiful choice for your bridal party with an array of flexibility. I’m sure you would agree how elegant your line-up would look wearing this bridal headband with their flowing hair.

Up-do Hairstyles Incorporating Bridesmaid Headbands

The up-do hairstyles are a popular choice among bridal parties. You can achieve an elegant and classic look by selecting a low bun hairstyle. Add your personal touch with a stunning bridesmaid headband and voila, simply breathtaking. Enjoy unparalleled grace with a gentle side swept up-do. Simply pin the curvy layers to one side and style it with a gorgeous crystal or pearl bridal headband and say no more.

Gold leaf headband

What’s not to love about our elegant ‘Darcy’ floral headband adding an elegant touch to your bridal party.

Half Up Half Down Bridal Up-do with Bridesmaid Headbands

Obtain the best of both worlds on your wedding day with a half up half down bridesmaid up-do. Pair this elegant look with a bridal headband and your bride tribe will be ready to glean.

Our ‘Holly’ vintage headband is a bridal headband with a difference offering a unique look for your bridal party.

Vintage Bridal Party Headbands

Embrace the classic appeal of the olden days by going for a vintage theme. Continue the theme across your entire bridal party and have a complementary hairstyle paired with a vintage headband. A vintage inspired headband add a touch of understated elegance.

Silver floral pearl and crystal hair vine headband

This is a great example of a hair vine being worn as a headband. What a beautiful vintage tribute with our stunning ‘Chelsea’ hair vine. Multiply this look amongst your girls and what an elegant bridal party it will be.

Art Deco Bridal Party Headbands

Elegant and effortlessly stylish, Art Deco bridal accessories beautifully complement the modern bridal party. Renowned for representing luxurious glamour, the Deco movement has brought a modern style to the late 1920s and 1930s. It’s clear to see why its exquisite modern-vintage charm is still adored by so many brides today.

Silver classic art deco headband

Our ‘Pamela’ art deco headband is an effortless elegant design perfect for a bridal party.

Leaf and Floral Bridal Party Headbands

Get back to nature with an oh-so-pretty headband for your bridal party. Floral headbands are incredibly popular among bridal parties at present. We love this trend. They are elegant and feminine and styled across all women in your bridal party, what a stunning display that would be. Being on trend can mean a lot of variety. This is fantastic, but, potentially overwhelming.

Silver floral hair vine

For a truly natural look, adore our dreamy ‘Lolla’ hair vine headband. This vine style headband is made from glass crystals, pearls, flowers and leaves, all entwined to make this stunning piece.

Wide floral bridal headband

For true wow factor, you can’t pass on the ‘Sara’ floral headband. With incredible intricate detail, this headband is a real work of art.



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