Beautiful wedding garters custom made for you

Beautiful wedding garters that you will fall in love with

Enjoy a fresh new take on wedding garters. We passionately make all of our wedding garters personally. Which we take great pride in providing you with beautiful, quality pieces customized for you. Gorgeous embellishments and laces widely sourced are used, providing you with stunning designs.

Our beautiful wedding garters do much more than just hold up your stockings, they add a touch of glamour to your wedding day. Additionally, they give you another way to express your personality. Matching your wedding garter is easy when shopping with us. As we have a wide range of bridal jewellery and accessories that will fit in nicely with your garter.

Customise your wedding garter

We offer flexibility with our wedding garters. Therefore if you wish to change elements in your wedding garter, we are happy to cater to your needs.  Additionality, we try to always keep things fresh. Thus we continue to offer a variety of new designs. Which we are continually adding too and growing our stunning collection of wedding garters.

We offer a variety of wedding garter options to match your wedding theme

Gone are the days of offering you a white or ivory classic bridal garter. We provide a range of colours to work with your wedding theme colours. Additionally, all our wedding garters are available as sets. Therefore you can keep your favourite peice and the other can be tossed at the wedding reception.

To complete the luxe experience you deserve, we also provide a gift box for all of our bridal garters and finish it off with a beautiful ribbon. Thus giving your keepsake bridal garter a life long home.

We strive to provide you with amazing customer service

As a passionate small business that understands the many intricate details involved in planning a wedding. We strive to make your experience easy, stress-free and customized to your needs. For this reason, we offer our advice & many years of experience (16+ years) to help you make the right choice.

Feel free to contact us for advice by going to our “Stylist Advice” page. Our friendly and passionate staff are always happy to assist you with any questions you may have.