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Exquisite Wedding Hair Accessories

We invite you to love our extensive hair accessories collection as much as we do.  Our collection features hair combs, tiaras, crowns, flowers, headbands, hairpieces, Stefana crowns, sashes and hairpins.

There is a certain beauty about a bridal headpiece or bridal hair accessory that completes the look of the modern bride. Therefore, most brides these days are wearing some sort of hairpiece. Hair accessories much like earrings are such an important accessory on your wedding day because the face is the most common object photographed.  You, therefore, need to be looking your best.

A correct hair accessory enhances your hairstyle, complements your bridal gown or bridesmaid dress and just looks fabulous. If a tiara is not for you, there are plenty of other options.  Consider a side comb, hairpins, silk flowers or headbands.  Another popular choice is a gorgeous hairpiece, bohemian-inspired. Crowns and tiaras have made a huge comeback and why not?  It’s likely to be the only day of your life to pull off such a regal look.

Why not add that subtle extra with any of these hair accessories for the bride, bride’s mother, and bridesmaids.  Something else to consider is to hair accessory a great gift for the ones you love.

Featured Collections

Are you looking for something in particular? You may just find it in the collections below.

Bridal Headpiece Collection

floral statement bridal headband
The bridal headpiece is truly a real statement piece. It promotes a feeling of elegance and beauty. It’s very widely loved among brides and the wedding industry for good reason.

Explore the Headpiece Collection

Wedding Crowns & Tiaras

Find the perfect tiara or crown

Add a touch of royalty with our beautifully designed crowns and tiaras.

Explore our Crowns & Tiaras Collection

Subtle, yet elegant; The Hair Pin

Silver crystal hair pins

For a subtle, yet elegant look, a hair pin is a great option when choosing a more discrete hair accessory. They come in a variety of styles and colours too.

Explore our Hair Pins Collection