Felicia and Pete’s Wedding Day

Glam Couture bridesFelicia and Pete's wedding day

Felicia and Pete met at their local church.  They had been dating for roughly a year when Pete invited Felicia back to the park where it all began – on their first date.  Pete, with wedding bells in mind, had put a lot of prep into this date to make it extra special.  Behind the scenes unbeknown to Felicia, Pete had written her a song.  He was not a singer but great with guitar.  Now as if this wasn’t sweet enough, he incorporated his proposal into the song as well.  With a serenade like that, Pete already had it all in the bag. Continue reading Felicia and Pete’s Wedding Day

The Vintage Bride


It is usually uncommon for fashion trends to influence bridal wear but the last decade has been an exception to the rule.  While catwalks and ‘high street’ fashion have been proudly flaunting the retro, vintage, re-fashioned look bridal gowns and accessories have, in their own unique way, followed this trend.   Continue reading The Vintage Bride

How To Care For Your Bridal Jewellery


Bridal Jewellery is an investment so you want your pieces to last.

Here are some helpful jewellery care tips to make sure your jewellery is well looked after.

  • Don’t throw or drop your jewellery especially on hard surfaces.
  • Avoid direct contact with sprays like hairspray or perfumes.
  • Don’t wear your jewellery or headpiece in the shower, swimming or exercising.
  • Do not place your jewellery or headpiece directly in water for an extended period of time.
  • Never use chemical cleaners, polishes or water to clean your jewellery or headpiece.
  • Clean and polish your jewellery with a soft, dry cloth.  Special jewellery cloths can also be used but make sure you don’t use them on pearls.
  • Store your jewellery and headpieces flat and in the original packaging when not in use.  This will prevent bending or breaking plus scratching the crystals, pearls or other delicate embellishments.


Look after your pieces and they will continue to look amazing for a long time to come.


Continue reading How To Care For Your Bridal Jewellery

Your Wedding Planning Checklist for a Blissful Day

Wedding Checklist

A Gift To Keep You On Top Of Things – ‘My Wedding Checklist’

Wedding planning can be really overwhelming.  Between keeping within budget, finding your gorgeous dress and planning one of the most amazing days of your life, it’s tough.  It’s no wonder there is so much stress around weddings.  With a clear outline of what needs to be done and by when you can ensure the stress doesn’t get the better of you. Continue reading Your Wedding Planning Checklist for a Blissful Day