8 Hot tips to choose the perfect jewellery for your bridal party

You finally ticked the box on bridesmaid’s dresses. Now comes the real fun, choosing the perfect jewellery for your bridal party. Your top priority is to choose pieces that work in with your chosen dresses. No need to feel overwhelmed. Here are my top ten tips to help you decide:

1. Always consider the dress colour

This will dictate which plating colour works best for your bridal party. Whether it is silver, gold or rose gold. While silver is a safe choice which technically works with pretty much everything, it’s not always the best choice. Here are some great suggestions for what works with each plating:

  • Gold is beautiful with a lot of your deep colours, like navy, emerald green, olive green, ruby red, burgundy, black. It also works really well with ivory and soft beiges.
  • Rose gold is especially stunning with your pinks, dusty pinks, blush, burgundy, and black.
  • Silver is great for your blues, purples, red, pinks, and greens.

These colour suggestions are just a guide to give you some inspiration and are not a blanket rule.

Pearl bridal studs
Pearl and cz bridal bracelets
8 hot tips to choose the perfect jewellery for your bridal party by glam couture

2. Maybe you should add a necklace

Necklaces are a really significant addition to a bridesmaid outfit and can really tie their look together. If their neckline is strapless, off the shoulder, v-neck or a plunging neckline, then it’s certainly worth the consideration. It’s wise to go for a more subtle necklace or pendant as to not upstage the bride. You can even add some personality to their styling by choosing a different pendant for each bridesmaid or choosing something a little larger for your maid/matron-of-honour.

Rose gold swarovski crystal necklace set
Sapphire cz silver necklace set
Rose gold pearl necklace set

3. Adding colour to your accessories

Colour can be a really great and fun way to add your personal flair. You can match the same colour as the dresses, add a complementing colour or even add a range of colours that tonally work. When is it too matchy matchy? If it’s a simple stud, drop earring or pendant necklace, it’s not such a problem, but if you are choosing bolder pieces, I recommend choosing something more complementary than matchy. For example, if the dresses are navy, and you wanted to go with statement earrings, you could choose earrings that have a hint of navy and perhaps some clear and black crystals or add some beige coloured crystals like golden shadow.

More examples would be if it was dusty pink, you could choose a combination of clear/fuschia/soft pinks/dusty pink. Otherwise, if you wanted to add a complementing colour, an example could be if it was a black dress, you could choose dusty pink, navy, red or even a beige tone. If you do this, you can also add the same colour to the shoes and work all your pieces together.

Rose gold swarovski vintage rose and pearl drop earrings
Navy beige and pearl crystal statement studs
8 hot tips to choose the perfect jewellery for your bridal party by glam couture

4. Hair accessories should be considered for your bridal party

Hair accessories should always be considered, whether it be a simple hair pin, comb or headband. How they are wearing their hair will ultimately dictate the accessory you choose. They don’t need to be over the top but just to accent and add individuality. Headbands and hair vines are an elegant and effortless accessory and certainly worth exploring. Combs and hair pins can be added to almost every single hair style around and can be cost effective, especially with a larger bridal party.

8 hot tips to choose the perfect jewellery for your bridal party by glam couture
Silver, gold and rose gold fresh water pearl hair pins
Bespoke gold crystal and pearl hair combs

5. Choosing accessories for patterned fabric

Sometimes it’s tricky to choose what to do when the fabric is busy. It may be a print or a detailed lace, but ultimately the fabric becomes the statement. You don’t want to detract and the ‘less is more’ principal should certainly be applied. Choose simple pieces, like a pendant and stud set or small earring combination, a drop earring and tennis bracelet combination or just an elegant earring on their own.

Rose gold tear drop pendant necklace set
Art deco cz bridal bracelet
Swarovski crystal bridal drops

6. Always wear earrings

Earrings are a classic staple with any formal outfit. If someone doesn’t have their ears pierced in your bridal party, then go for a clip-on option instead for that person. There are options where clip on earrings and regular backs can match, so don’t let this dictate your decision to not have earrings. If you wish to discuss these options further, please email us ([email protected]) and we can share these with you.

Golden shadow and pearl swarovski crystal drop earrings
Vintage rose crystal earrings
Rose gold swarovski crystal tear drop studs

7. Adding a Bracelet

Bracelets are an incredibly popular choice for bridesmaids. Choosing a simple bracelet like a tennis bracelet or pearl bracelet and matching them with simple stud or drop earrings can make for a stunning look. Especially if the dresses are very plain, the bracelet/earring combination will work a treat.

Silver crystal and pearl bridal bracelet
Silver cz tennis bracelet
Silver pearl bracelet

8. Accessories Your Bridesmaids Differently

Mix up the accessories. A super fun thing to do is mix up the accessories. If all your girls’ dresses are the same, it’s a beautiful way to add personality in order to suit your girl’s style. You may have the same dress fabric but different styles and this is the perfect choice to work in with the designs. Examples could be if one has straps, then you could choose an earring and bracelet combo, while another may have a strapless and you could choose a simple pendant with small drop earrings or studs. Have some fun with it and remember that it’s your wedding.

Tear drop penadant necklace set
Silver drop bridal earrings
Silver paved drop earrings

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at – [email protected] I would love to help.

Christyn xx

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