5 Simple Tips To Fabulous Wedding Jewellery You’ll Love

Fabulous wedding jewellery

Your wedding jewellery should complement your dress, catch the eye, be worn with confidence and be true to your personal style.

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Jewellery can be a difficult decision to make when it comes to your wedding day.  So many beautiful pieces to choose from it is understandable that many brides get overwhelmed with it all.  The following tips, I believe, will help you decide on your elegant wedding jewellery selection.  You can apply these same principles to your bridesmaids also.
  1. Jewellery choices must complement your dress and styling.Most importantly, it needs to perfect your total overall look.  If your wedding gown is heavily embellished with lace or beading you should keep your jewellery choices more simple.  You should choose medium to small sized earrings and a nice cuff or tennis bracelet.  Having a plain gown your jewellery accessories can become the feature allowing for more unlimited choices.  Generally pick one focal piece of jewellery and then compliment with other smaller pieces.  You can however, afford to have a couple of larger pieces if they are far enough away from each other e.g. bracelet and earrings then pear back the hair comb or the beautiful and modern bridal headband.  Short-sleeved dresses should always include a bracelet.  Halter necks should focus on the hair accessories.  Sweetheart or strapless dresses work best with a necklace or larger chandelier earrings.  V-necks need something to adorn their neckline, such as a pendant or a choker.  How are you wearing your hair?  Make sure your hair piece compliments so it does not look like an afterthought just thrown together.TIP: If you’re wearing a side feature hair piece, make sure you put it on the side that faces your guests when your saying your vows, great for photos.  Also, if you’re wearing a cuff bracelet, wear it on the opposite hand to your gorgeous rings so it doesn’t detract in photos.
  2. Don’t get too consumed in your styling.Less is usually more and you need to look natural and not cluttered with gems.  Allow your jewellery to reflect your personality and taste.  If you enjoy bling always bear in mind that it always needs to be complimentary and not overbearing.  If you are more conservative choose one element that is a bit larger, e.g. earrings or hairpiece and less prominent on the other items.  Make sure you love what you have chosen so you are able to continue to re-wear your pieces well after your wedding day.  They can be a real investment.TIP: Stick with your style and choose something like you would normally wear for a special occasion but make it a little more special.
  3. Your jewellery should be practical.You will be wearing your outfit for a lengthy time so you need to be comfortable.  Don’t get earrings so large and heavy that your ear lobes are hurting all day.  Don’t purchase a bracelet with claws that can catch onto your wedding gown.  You will spend your whole day trying to detach the bracelet from your dress and possibly damage your gown.
  4. When selecting your jewellery account for the time of day.For example, a morning wedding where simplicity is the order of the day may require little more than a simple necklace and pearl drops.  A night time soirée allows for glitz and glamour where you can indulge in a jewelled collar or cuff and a pair of bold chandelier earrings.
  5. Choosing the colour of your jewellery pieces.Usually the best starting point is with the colour and detail of your dress.  Ask yourself the following questions.  What colour is going to work best with my dress? Shiny or antique/rhodium silver, gold or rose gold?  Then, do you have any bead work or detailing to match? What best suits? Pearl, Crystal, Cubic Zirconia or combination.  If you are not bound by any detailing on your dress, go with what you love the most.
One last piece of advice, once you have selected your pieces, stop looking,
you will torcher yourself and waste way too much time and money.
Have fun accessorising!
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