Valuable Tips To Help You Save Money In Planning Your Wedding

Tips to save the bridal budget

We all know weddings can get incredibly expensive so we have put together some practical tips that can help get your budget under control without making too many compromises.

 7 helpful Tips:

  1. Assess what your skills are and see how you can bring them in to your wedding plans.  Maybe you are gifted at creating invitations or maybe you are great at baking and willing to be adventurous in making your own cake.  You need to be realistic and work with your time frame too. You don’t want to stress yourself out unnecessarily.
  2. Assess the resources of friends and family as they may have skills or items that could be put to good use, for example cars to save hiring and driver costs.
  3. Decide what aspects of a wedding are important to you.  Bonbonnieres for example may not so important to you  You could even choose to donate money to charity on behalf of your guests.
  4. Keep your eye out for specials and savings you may be surprised by how much you could save.
  5. Purchase as many items together as you can, you may get discounts or at least only 1 shipping fee (for online purchases).
  6. Be organised, plan and prepare a budget. Last minute purchases in the stress of things can get out of hand.
  7. Get married on a week day or in winter, things can be much cheaper.
If cars are important to you they would be worth the money. They make for some great photos.  However, if they aren’t you can definitely save by using friend’s or family’s cars and also get them to drive them. Hiring cars from a rental car dealership can save you money.
Wedding flowers
Discount bridal gowns


You can save money by having your wedding in winter or on a weekday.  You can always ditch the dessert and have the wedding cake instead. Alternatively you can get creative and pack picnic baskets and blankets for your guests and have an awesome picnic reception.  Have a friend MC at your reception instead of hiring one.


Flowers are a great addition to a wedding however they do come at a cost.  If you love flowers and money is no object then hire a florist and go all out. Alternatively you can visit the local flower market and buy your own flowers for the reception and church/venue.  But you should hire a florist at least to create your flower bouquets as that can be far too stressful to create and store for your big day.

Table Decorations

Some venues hire table decorations or include them within their venue packages. Alternatively you can be creative and create your own. You can find all sorts of great things online or second hand. Remember you only need them once.

Bridal Gown

Whilst I think a couture gown is ideal for every bride, it’s not in every bride’s budget.  You can get a really great wedding dress off the rack at a reduced price (like the gorgeous ones we are selling off at crazy prices) remembering though, when buying a pre-made gown, alterations in most cases will be added to the final cost of your gown. This could easily be hundreds of dollars so make sure you ask and factor that in to your budget.  Sometimes couture can be a cheaper option believe it or not.  I highly recommend you not purchase a cheap dress online direct from China or the likes, for experiences I see are cheaply made with no dress structure and mostly not what many thought they were going to receive.  Even with a great dressmaker to alter them it will cost a huge amount to rectify, if at all possible, and it still may not be what you envisaged.  If you would like some great tips and advice on how to choose the right gown here’s an article you’ll love.


Shoes can be ridiculously expensive. However, you can save if you’re savvy.  Take advantage of sales (like our clearance line of gorgeous bridal shoes).  Alternatively, if you buy a pair of plain shoes, you can always jewel them up with shoe clips and the beauty of shoe clips is you can reuse them on any shoes you already have again and again.

Shop bridal shoes

Bridal shoe clips

Jewellery is always a great investment.  Let’s be honest, your wedding is the perfect excuse to get some great jewellery pieces. If you are resourceful, choose pieces that you can reuse and it’s an investment that you keep on benefiting from.  View our great collections and take advantage of our stylist that’s ready to help you complete your look, simply click the ‘stylist advice’ button on the website.  Stick to these tips and you could save thousands.

Bridal jewellery

Bridal hair pieces

Follow these tips and you could be well on the way to coming in below budget.  Extra spending money for the honeymoon wahoo!


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