5 Tips to a stress free & organised wedding.

Stress free wedding


Who has the time to plan a wedding?

Your life is busy, then, something amazing happens!  The love of your life proposes.  Then as time goes on the harsh reality of planning a wedding kicks in.  Squeezing this into your already busy schedule can be really overwhelming.

You may not know but, you are not alone.

I have great news for you!  Here are 5 great tips to get you organised for your wedding day.


1. Have a checklist:

This is an absolute must.  We have a checklist available for you, simply click here.

This will be something you need to keep handy at all times and make sure you stick to it.  This will ensure you don’t miss anything essential to be done.  Awareness is the key.  Having everything that needs to be organised listed in order of priority will keep you on track for a pleasurable planning journey.


2. Plan a time schedule:

Use our checklist and tailor it to your wedding time frame.  Make sure you do this immediately so you don’t get behind on anything.  As you organise your major decisions discuss time frames with your service providers.

Start with Reception, Dress and Service Venue (church etc.).  These will be the things that must be booked as soon as possible to ensure the foundation of your day planning can guarantee your dream.  We have some estimated times just to give you a guide.  The more organised you can be the better.


3. Budget

Everyone has a price they can afford so work out what yours is.  Weddings will get completely blown out if you don’t have a budget.  Know your numbers.

Tip #1 – If you’re not organised, your last minute purchases can get crazy expensive.  The cheaper options you may be after aren’t always available when you need them.  You are rushed for a decision with no extra time to shop around and compare.

Tip #2 – Utilise the skills you have or others you know.  DIY can save you money but it does take a lot of time.  You will have to weigh up what’s the most important.  Maybe you are inviting people who are in the wedding industry or who have great skills you can use.  Your bridal party should be willing to help wherever possible.  They are, after all, there to support you.  They may have experiences from previous bridal parties they have been apart of.  Just remember, you don’t want to burn your bridges so use your discretion.

Tip #3 – Consider what is important to you both and cut out what is not.  There are no set rules when it comes to weddings these days.  You can be as creative and abstract as you like.

Tip #4 – Buy as many items at each individual supplier as possible as they may be more inclined to provide you some great value or discount.

4. Be decisive & stick to your decisions

One of the biggest time wasters in planning weddings is being indecisive.  There are many options available and can get very confusing.  Whilst it’s great to do your homework and make sure you’re not getting ripped off, it can also hinder your progress.  Too much choice = confusion.  Try not to overthink your decisions as there are plenty more to make.  Keep your eyes fixed on the ultimate goal.

Once you have made a decision, don’t look back.  Much time and money is wasted by brides when allowing doubt to sneak in after a decision is made.  You just torture yourself.  Make your decision and tick it off the list.  Done.

5. Delegate

Whilst a majority of jobs need to be done by you, there are plenty that can be outsourced to family and friends.  It may be as simple as putting together some options for you or creating the basic wording for invitations or order of services (you can then go and personalise it to what you want).  A tip is to tell them you want the job done before you actually need it.  It gives you a time buffer to tweak things if necessary.


On A Final Note:

Don’t sit back and relax 12 months out thinking you have plenty of time to do things.  Your checklist should allocate a certain time each week to do something wedding related.  This will keep you ticking the boxes throughout the year to ultimately achieve the dream wedding you have envisaged.  Procrastination is the worst thing you can do and will only create stress for you in the lead up to your wedding.  Enjoy a stress free wedding.





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