Shoe Clips

Embellish your shoes with shoe clips, creating a striking feature piece.  Our range of shoe clips will jazz up any shoe, great for your wedding day and thereafter.  We like to think of them as jewellery for your shoes.  They also make a great gift for your bridesmaids for something a little different.  These jewels have a French-made clip on the back that attaches to the inside of your shoe.  They each have fine teeth that secure firmly to the shoe but certainly without damaging them.  The clip is smooth against the foot so as not to blister your foot.  This clip makes them incredibly sturdy so they won’t fall off.  Be assured that no harm will come to your wedding shoes.  Each of these shoe clips are sold as a pair and are beautifully presented in a nice solid box.

These shoe clips can be transferred to any shoe, making them the perfect shoe accessory.  Whether you decide to wear them at the front, side or the back of your shoe, the choice is yours.  One thing is for sure, they will always look fabulous.  The only limitation on these clips is your imagination.