5 Colours to Accessorise Your Next Glamorous Look

So you have a special occasion coming up with your gorgeous dress chosen but what about those accessories to take your outfit to the next level.  While clear crystals or cubic zirconia is a classic and timeless look, why not add some colour and make your outfit truly unique. With a gorgeous selection of pre-made pieces or have custom designed bespoke pieces that can be made just for you.

With Christmas coming up, jewellery is always a great gift for the special ones in your life and who doesn’t love a fabulous pair of earrings.

Here are 5 colour combinations that we think you’ll love.

1. Classic Black –

As a black dress is a traditional staple so too are your black accessories.  They are sheik and can be paired with most colours and patterns including champagne, red, grey, pink, blue, yellow, purple and so many more.  Because black accessories are so classic you can wear them to dress up your formal attire or even a casual outfit to make it smart casual.

If you need to justify your purchase, black accessories are always an easy choice with such versatility. Here are some black options to help inspire you.

2. All Things Pink –

Sometimes a feminine touch is just what you need so why not have a bit of fun with varying shades of pink. Not just to be worn with a pink dress, you can add pink accents to black, gold, silver, rose gold, navy, red, white, yellow, turquoise, and many more. If you need help deciding which shade of pink for what fabric colour, we’d love to help simply email us at [email protected] and we will happily get back to you with some options.

Just a few choices of many that may inspire your next glam outfit.

3. Luxe Champagne –

Champagne accessories are one of our most versatile options to soften a look while adding luxury.  Accessorise to your softer tones of pastels like white/ivory, soft aqua or blue, your brighter summer shades like coral, turquoise, purple, or even your darker moody tones like red, emerald green, navy, or black.

Pairing your champagne jewellery with a matching clutch and shoes are a stunning choice.

4. Sumptuous Blues –

In bridal tradition ‘something blue’ is often accented with jewellery or other accessories but blue is a gorgeous choice to add colour to many outfits. Ranging from your soft blues through to sapphire or navy blue choose appropriately to tie into your outfit fabric and other accessories like shoes.

Blues work beautifully with black, pinks, red, turquoise or jade just to name a few. Just like Champagne accessories work beautifully with a blue or navy outfit, so too can be said in the reverse with a champagne dress.

5. Racy Red –

What about racy red?  It needs to get a mention as it’s a favourite combination to contrast with black or navy or of course an all over red look. Red is a strong colour but doesn’t need to be feared rather, embraced.

If you are wearing red on red, wear subtle accessories that compliment and let your dress be the main focal point.  Also, combining your red stones or crystals with clear or black will also add depth to your look with contrast highlighting the detail in your pieces.

Of course these combinations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to colour with an array of Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, or cubic zirconia to choose from.  Fashion is meant to be fun so let your personality shine through. If you would like help to customise a special combination just for you or for a gift please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we would love to help – [email protected].


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Some Simple Styling Tips

  1. Your accessories need to compliment your outfit so if you have a very basic dress, you can afford to go for larger jewellery and make that your focal point. If your dress is busy either in fabric or style pull back and have simple accessories.
  2. If you have a low neckline or strapless dress certainly consider a necklace or pendant, it will add gorgeous detail especially if your dress is a plain fabric.
  3. Usually 2 types of accessories for a formal occasion work well although there are exceptions to the rule. Earrings are always a must but if you don’t have your ears pierced, don’t worry their are plenty of options for clip-on’s. Earrings work beautifully with a necklace, bracelet, statement ring or even hair comb or hair pin.
  4. Don’t be afraid to have a combination of colours in your accessories, it gives flexibility to matching an array of outfits and it also adds depth to your pieces.